How to ensure safeguarding the enterprise with a robust firewall

As companies transition to digital workplaces, it appears that cyber threats and data theft have become far more frequent. Yes, knowing how and when to respond to a cyber-attack is critical, but knowing how to avoid one by selecting the right firewall is equally, if not more, critical. And this is where Computer Solutions East’s partnership with Cisco comes to play for providing Cisco network security. 

Cisco Network Security Solutions - CSE

Many CIOs struggle with the challenges and constraints that come with finding the best firewall. Surprisingly, not every company needs the same firewall features as their rivals or even other companies in their industry. It depends on various factors, but there are certain fundamentals that any company should recognize at the very least. 

Therefore, it is better to read about firewalls and what features are relevant for your company.  

Understanding the Firewall to set up the right expectations 

Firewall match the network traffic against the rule set defined in its table. Once the rule is matched, associate action is applied to the network traffic. From the viewpoint of a server, internet traffic may be either leaving or incoming. The firewall maintains a separate set of rules for the situations enabled by Cisco network security. Mostly the outbound traffic, originating by the server itself, is permitted to pass. Still, establishing a rule on outbound messages is always preferable to ensure higher security and avoid undesired communication.  

When it comes to choosing a firewall, there are two important features to consider. First, any good firewall can also be used as a router, and most reputable vendors include this as a standard feature. For example, suppose you send and receive emails via an on-site email system. In that case, this is vital since traffic from that server is safer if your firewalls monitor it, which is made possible by zero-trust network cisco. 

Firewalls, particularly Next-Generation Firewalls, are focused on preventing malware and application-layer attacks. When combined with an incorporated intrusion prevention system (IPS), this Next-Generation Firewall can detect and respond to external attacks across the entire network quickly and seamlessly. 

Key aspects of Firewall that help businesses  

Although we’ve already covered the two most important features to look for in a firewall, there are a few more to remember. Because every company is unique, and some firewalls are tailored to industries or business models, it’s critical to do your reviews before trying a financial investment. Before you go in that, take a glance at our list of the best firewall features enabled by cisco network security to see if there are any relevant to your business. 

Customized Threat Protection 

Advanced threats are sustained by organized cyber attackers that target your network with advanced attack vectors, most often for copyright infringement and financial data theft. These attacks are increasingly cunning, necessitating sophisticated monitoring systems capable of performing comprehensive host and forensic investigation on malware. Fortunately, firewall technology is improving to keep up with malicious hacker advances and tried-and-true challenges like DDoS assaults. 

cisco network security for business - CSE

These newer models, dubbed “next-gen” firewalls, will access and monitor all apps and sensitive information on the company’s network. They can also monitor traffic to and from apps, give specific applications access, search for risks, and limit bandwidth use through Cisco’s optimal use of cybersecurity. 

Real-time alerts 

Events on a network may trigger EventLog Analyzer to take various actions. EventLog Analyzer may send emails or SMS text messages to a specified recipient whenever new entries are added to the Event Log. Additionally, the solution can conduct an incident process related to an alert without requiring a human reaction. Some firewalls provide real-time alerts on any threat, as well as additional intelligence to assist the security staff in identifying any vulnerable links in your defenses. 

To ensure no missed security incidents, the variety of choices offered means consumers will not be shortchanged. This is important, but it’s also critical to leverage cisco network security and be alerted to any ongoing attacks.  

Better support from Cisco-certified vendor 

You need to know that you’ve designed your firewall correctly because not every part of it would be easy to understand. Many reliable vendors have the best firewalls and comprehensive customer care coupled with cisco network security. Thankfully, even low-cost firewalls usually include some form of customer support, as well as regular updates to keep your software current. 

Looking to try out which firewall features are the best for your company? Contact the experts at Computer Solutions East to discuss the firewall solutions customized for your business needs. 

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