How to Request a Vendor Audit to Test Your Software for Effective Asset Management

There are fundamental questions that need an answer when looking for digital asset management software. The first one is how confident are you that your business is completely compliant in terms of software licensing? And then, do you have faith that all of the required protections are in place and that you have nothing to fear from either a software vendor audit? If that’s the case, how about putting it to the test by getting in a software vendor to put your skills to the test?

To ensure the best digital asset management software, you can stress test your IT investment management (ITAM) and software wealth management (SAM) capabilities by focusing on a specific software vendor and its offerings. From the precision of your license enforcement calculations to the ability to react quickly when virtual appliance inspections occur – which typically come out of nowhere.

Concept Positioning

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This isn’t a SAM or ITAM best practice, so keep that in mind. It’s possible that digital asset management software it’s not even a typical ITAM norm. It’s a suggestion for improving the organization’s ITAM capabilities. Of course, there are drawbacks and possibly harmful consequences to taking such action:

  • The business may be found in breach of the statute, with the resulting fines. Ideally, a software provider would view the case more favorably than if they had conducted the audit, i.e., knowing that the company was trying to make things right (in terms of licensing).
  • People could feel excessive stress, but it would undoubtedly be less frustrating than dealing with an unexpected software vendor audit, which might have a lot more at stake.

How are digital asset management software different from a random software audit happening?

Your company has spent time and money building ITAM skills and, ideally, feels it has the best staff, procedures, and technologies in place to operate a good ITAM program. Has it, however, consider answering the following questions before using the digital asset management software –

  • Have you been exposed to a tech provider audit?
  • Have you ever had to inform the third party of your policies’ soundness, including digital asset management software that offers internal controls and software-license reconciliations?
  • Have you ever wanted to rapidly compile all of the evidence to back it up for a software provider audit?
  • Have you completed an external app license audit with flying colors?

A distinct but also rational viewpoint is that if a company is satisfied with its degree of ITAM sophistication, it should handle a software vendor audit and the specifications that it entails. But it won’t know for sure until it’s audited.

Of course, a company could conduct internal audits and (maturity) reviews and be required to do so due to regulatory enforcement. It may even arrange for a third-party resource to do something similar, with the bonus of being performed behind closed doors.

However, in contrast to an invited tech provider audit, this advantage only applies if the vendor publicizes the findings (which will have to be newsworthy) or punishes non-compliance in forms other than making good on license deficiencies.

Actions That are Similar to Requesting an Audit

Is the thought of bringing in a tech provider to audit your company starting to expand on you? The philosophy of using real-world simulations to measure the robustness of IT functionality is not new; Netflix’s Chaos Monkey tool, for example, was designed to test the resilience of its technology using IT asset management software. Or the frequent invocation of business continuity/disaster recovery plans ensures that they can operate until the need to deploy the methods (and the corresponding continuity resources) occurs.

Outside of That, strategic planning practices include installing a managed iteration of an unexpected scenario to avoid or mitigate the unwanted situation’s effects. Consider the following example:

  • The best way to contain an “out of control” blaze is to instigate smaller scheduled fires that prevent the original fire from spreading (by removing inflammatory substances from its projected pathway)
  • A managed, human-induced avalanche can mitigate the risks and impacts of a possible “natural” snow avalanche, rather than waiting to see nature unforeseeably move forward.

So how different is requesting a software vendor audit?

Stress Testing Your ITAM Capabilities

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As a result, consider inviting a tech provider to perform an investigation as a more managed version of an undesirable condition where the corporation can handle the crisis and has a better chance of being prepared and thriving.

It’s a measure of not just whether the agreed-upon and recorded ITAM procedures, along with their embedded internal controls, are being applied correctly (after all, how often does real-world activity differ from prescribed processes). As a consequence, continued conformity can be ensured with a high degree of confidence.

It’s also a perfect way to bring your auditing expertise to the test and find places where changes are needed. From being quick on your feet in responding to vendor requests for proof and other information in the format they want for using digital asset management software on the cloud. To how employees act during a vendor audit. For example, adhering to ITAM policies that govern who can speak to whom, what information it can disclose, and so on.

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