Power BI Custom Development

Why Power Custom Development?

Access to data

Use the compression capability of Power BI for data chunks to display, analyze and visualize anytime, anywhere.


Reduce Time To Insights

change how high-speed information is analyzed through the use of Azure Data Lake.

Data Patterns Identifying
Interactive Visualization

Change large data lakes into very interactive visual reports, from which insights can easily be obtained.


Business Analytics

Organizations sponsored by Power BI will perform their business analytics by using highly powerful data models.

Power BI Custom Development

Power BI. Tailored for your business goals.

The first step is to access your information. The MS Excel workbook helps you to quickly import your data set. Click the Get Data button at the bottom of the Navigation pane or in the bottom left corner of the screen in Office 365, just open Power BI. Discover your dashboard. Explore. Our developers map all kinds of charts to help you choose the right one for your business and to develop accordingly. The right pane also has a section on fields, so that different data fields can be selected and changed. Choose the right diagram for the next step. While creating and starting with your dashboard, it is equally important to know which type of diagram is best suited for what type of data. Data visualization may become erroneous if not properly considered. The next step we take is to save and publish your dashboard. Click the Save button in the toolbar once your Dashboard is designed and supplemented with insightful graphics. As Power BI charts depend on data from Excel, they will continue to update with the update of the Excel sheet.


Our Power BI Custom Development


Better Reporting

Enhance the reporting capabilities of organizations that allow companies to build and submit interactive reports. Visually rich enterprise reports help to discover patterns of repetitive data.


Interactive Dashboards Visualization

We create stunning dashboards with our proven expertise to unlock the potential of Power BI to enhance data visualization and enable enterprises to seamlessly organize and view data.


Self-service analytics

Offering Deploy enterprise-ready data models to empower businesses to harness and integrate fresh insights from a native big data lake into a robust Power BI web service suite.


Power Bi on Azure

We bring business intelligence initiatives to life through the integration of the Power BI and Azure connectivity to handle multiple data formats seamlessly.


Using Multiple Apps

We enable the best analytics and rich Power BI visuals from any source of data.


Support & Maintenance

Leverage comprehensive BI platforms with us into the existing enterprise tech stack.



Use our by deploying immersive, interactive dashboards to consolidate multiple data sources.

Why choose CSE for Power BI Custom Development?

Leverage BI’s deep power tools to develop and deploy highly innovative, scalable market intelligence solutions. Our Power BI experts are streamlining the visualization of data on a scale from consultancy to design and delivery. Enabling businesses to unleash the value of a dedicated Power BI team by giving full control of deliverables and schedules. As the protection of company identity and confidentiality are top priorities, we are entering into a non-disclosure agreement with the client. From project deadlines to work-in-progress analysis, we allow companies to easily connect their time zones to us.

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  • Microsoft cloud partner since the year 2006.
  • Offering top-notch expertise and customer service for an array of Microsoft Gold services.
  • A trusted name in the business fraternity for office 365 consultancy for over a decade.

Success Stories

Our cloud solutions help the global enterprise achieve business goals.

Neil Hoosier & Associates

We work to identify the clients IT problem and offer the best solution. Time and again,we face a situation that demands agility and the right set of talent that can solve technology issues.

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Not all projects are about innovation. Some are those that add a feather in our cap no matter what we deliver and how. It was typically a government project that involved a lot of roadblocks right.

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Central Florida HIDTA

Being an expert IT solutions partner in the US and worldwide, we are committed to delivering results that drive business growth. Our team recently worked with Neil Hoosier & Associates to resolve.

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