Being Remote Doesn’t mean you can’t be close to customers

Why are Collaboration Tools Needed?

Collaboration has become an integral part of the digital age. Cisco deploys solutions that are very vital in accelerating business processes, decision making, and productivity. There are multiple CISCO Solutions for customers and products that have integrally helped with developing a transparent process stage for companies. Using these collaboration tools, customers would be able to ease the communication process, and also sanction employees to engage customers at any place and any time.

Internal Self-Learning Trainings

It is a known fact that as more people collaborate, there would be a simultaneous rise in productivity levels as well. The generalization can be thought of as a bit out of the box; it is a known fact that working professionals do quality work if they can interact as well as do a productive collaboration.

Companies and business houses need to weigh in the various advantages and disadvantages of multiple communication and collaboration channels. The rising trend of organizations now taking in remote working professionals has given way to them using wireless and wired solutions for effective communication. This mode of collaboration has even benefitted customers very much, and some of the benefits that they have offered include,

  • Organizations would be able to search for an increased range of workers, and they mostly do not have to worry about the location; instead, they can focus on talent.
  • Professionals who are located at multiple geographical locations know the local market to the core. This will prove to be a significant asset to the companies if they are looking to expand in this location.
  • Professionals who are frequently engaging with customers is another excellent advantage to have for the companies. This would be particularly beneficial for companies who are dealing with sales.

Latest Technologies for Collaboration

Collaboration has always been a frontrunning factor for every company that deals with offshore clients, and the footprint of such companies is increasing at an alarming rate. Excellent communication and collaboration technology must be in place, which would take this to the next level. Collaboration would also ensure that team members would stay connected and in sync, and this is now possible because of the flexibility that these tools offer. In the end, it would ensure that companies would achieve success in every likely scenario.

Some of the technologies that are up for grabs and available for collaboration include,

  • Unified Communications – This technological hemisphere ensures that your organization has a unified platform for every kind of communication including, voice, data, video as well as mobile applications. Some of the collaboration products concerning Unified Communications include,
  1. Cisco WebEx Teams
  2. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  3. Cisco Cloud Calling
  4. Cisco Business Edition
  • Contact Center – Contact Center would be beneficial for customers who want to enjoy personalized single-channel experiences. This would again prove to be very advantageous for Collaboration, and some of the tools in this category include,
  1. Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express
  2. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
  3. Cisco WebEx Contact Center
  • Collaboration Endpoints – The collaboration endpoints have been developed to make virtual collaboration with the clients a reality. Some of the tools that have been developed concerning this include,
  1. Cisco WebEx Board
  2. Cisco WebEx Room Series
  3. Cisco WebEx Share
  4. Cisco IP Phones
  • Conferencing – If you are working with your respective teams, then you must have solutions that are easy to use and intuitive. It should ensure that it brings people together and some of these tools that assist in doing so include,
  1. Cisco WebEx Meetings
  2. Cisco WebEx Support
  3. Cisco WebEx Events
  4. Cisco Meeting Server

Why Computer Solutions East?


Computer Solutions East is an official Cisco Certified Partner, and they understand the importance of collaboration that every company needs for its day to day activities. Users are now becoming more inclined towards business and mobile applications as they have become much more advanced and interactive. This even assists clients with developing wireless and wired solutions, thereby providing nothing but the best-concerning LAN, security, innovation along with protecting your investment.

Some of the features that are provided by Computer Solutions East as a brand include,

  • Faster Collaboration – This is the main crux, and CSE stands by it, thereby providing faster collaboration through their tools from anywhere, be it conference rooms or any other remote places.
  • Increased Efficiency – Collaboration tools partnered by CSE provides increased efficiency than conventional wireless devices.
  • Less cost for cabling – It drastically reduces the cost of cabling as wireless networks can be utilized in filling up any gaps.
  • Increased productivity – Easier network access results in simultaneously increasing the productivity of the organizations. Results also indicate that companies are now using wireless devices for effective collaboration.
  • Lower error margins – Data can be directly entered into these systems when they are being collected on the go.

To know more, please contact Computer Solutions East Team (914)-355-5800!

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