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Microsoft provides a unified management platform called Managed Service Provider. Intelligent cloud actions and device management are ensured, along with endpoint security. Azure Backup Service provides cloud management backup facilities

Defender Advanced Threat Protection:-

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is dedicated to the endpoint security solution of the enterprise. Advanced threats can be prevented, detected, investigated, and responded. The cloud service of Microsoft is robust. There is a specific combination of technology built into Windows 10.

  • Endpoint behavioral sensors: endpoint behavioral sensors do -The collection and processing of the behavioral signals. This process is embedded in Windows 10. The cloud instance of Microsoft Defender ATP will be the ultimate destination.
  • Cloud security analytics:-The behavioral signals are converted into insights. The recommended responses are converted into advanced threats. It can leverage big data and unique Microsoft optics. All the enterprise cloud products fall within the Windows ecosystem.
  • Threat intelligence:-Attacker tools, procedures, and techniques can be identified by threat intelligence-enabled Microsoft Defender ATP. Alerts can be generated based on the collection of sensor data. It is generated by Microsoft hunters.

Some unique features of Defender Advanced Threat Protection:-

  1. Threat and vulnerability management: It is a risk-based approach. Endpoint vulnerabilities and configurations are the biggest concern. This management system has a built-in capability to threat. The problems can be discovered, prioritized, and a remedy can be arranged by Microsoft Service Provider. Attack surface reduction: Malicious IP addresses, domains, and URLs are scanned by web protection and network protection. It is the first line of defense in the stack. The configuration setting should be properly set. Mitigation techniques are applied.
  2. Next-generation protection: The security perimeter of the network can be reinforced with next-generation protection. All types of emerging threats can be caught. Microsoft Defender ATP is designed to give the best quality of protection.
  3. Endpoint detection and response: A query-based threat hunting tool is provided by advanced hunting. Breaches can be found proactively, and custom detections can be formed. Both endpoint detection and response capabilities are ensured.
  4. Automated investigation and remediation: Automatic investigation and remediation capabilities are offered. This reduces the volume of alerts. A quick response can be made to the advanced attacks. Hence Microsoft Defender ATP is very useful.
  5. Microsoft Secure Score for Devices: The security state of the enterprise network can be dynamically assessed. The unprotected systems can be identified, and the recommended actions can be taken. The overall security of the organization can be improved.
  6. Microsoft Threat Experts: Proactive hunting is ensured by the new managed threat hunting service. The threats can be identified and responded quickly and accurately. The security operation is empowered with additional insights.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager:-

It gives a flexible solution as a Cloud Solutions Provider. There will be no disruption to the existing process. Users, applications, and devices will get security, deployment, and management. Microsoft Endpoint Manager has the following advantages:-

  • Protection of working data: The security technologies are on-boarded and managed. The data flow outside the trusted mobile applications can be controlled. Mobile app management and mobile device management policies can be implemented. Hence the protection of working data is ensured. This will increase the sense of trust among the employees. The work will progress at a faster rate.
  • Unified endpoint security: Automated remediation of the application vulnerabilities is possible. Corporate resources can be securely accessed. Intent-based policies can be implemented. A continuous assessment of corporate resources will be possible. The endpoint security system is made unified to a great extent. The corporate sector can greatly benefit from this application.
  • Maximization of return on investment: The latest cloud features are used by Microsoft Dynamics 365. It gives an integrated solution. The data and assets of the organization can be kept confidential. The user’s data can be secured by improving privacy settings. Hence Microsoft proves to be a one-stop solution. Very less investment is made for using this application.

OneDrive for Business - CSE

  • Modern management service: There is a huge advantage of using Microsoft cloud. Security and modern provisioning can be done with the most advanced tools. There are well-established processes for management and updates on personal computers. The configuration manager takes care of the entire system. The modern management services are used according to the requirements.
  • Optimization of user satisfaction: Integrated Endpoint Analytics is provided here for customer satisfaction. The progress of the work can be tracked. The cost of the help desk can be reduced. The effectiveness of IT can be increased through a data-driven approach. The industry baseline will be the parameter for tracking the progress of the work.
  • Diverse ecosystem: The laptop and mobile devices are repurposed, provisioned, and reset with the least infrastructure. Windows Autopilot, Apple iOS, and other devices will get zero-touch provisioning. All the endpoints can be managed effectively. This diverse ecosystem is making things much easier to perform. There is a minimum or no requirement for overhead costs.

The Take away:-

A “new normal” is required after the pandemic situation. People are getting habituated with new techniques and tools. More focus is given on technologies. This new trend demands sustainable productivity from any place anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is working to help users with applications like Microsoft Volume Licensing. We help the customers with navigation through Microsoft Service Provider. It is important to keep the endpoints secure and updated. We also help our clients with cloud management solutions. The data of the user can be protected.

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