Balancing Safety and Security During a Year of Remote Working

Organizations have had to provide extraordinary numbers of workers to operate remotely due to a pandemic for a year, give or take. Some businesses may consider reopening conventional offices using cisco security solutions. Still, many people are considering a hybrid model due to the current work-from-home paradigm (remote-first seems to be a popular option). According to a recent Cisco survey, not only are many people working remotely now, but a significant number of companies say that more than half of their workers will continue to work remotely when the pandemic ban is lifted. 

The pandemic brings new security challenges. 

Cisco security solutions in USA - CSE

We lament in defense how new policies are often implemented with threat defense as an afterthought. This is also true of the current rush to remote working, especially for businesses that had not previously considered the option. 

Protection should no longer be considered an afterthought, and it was soon realized that working remotely posed new security risks. The idea of “Carry Your Own Device” was in full swing – or, more accurately, “Use Your Own Device,” considering that no one was taking it anywhere. Cisco’s Ben Nahorney explained some of the most significant security issues of this modern mode of operating with cisco security solutions. This includes the need to protect the endpoint, write laws around approved applications, secure network connections, and, of course, raise scam knowledge. 

As we worked to protect this modern climate, there’s a downside brewing: cybercriminals saw a chance to profit from the haste to save lives, and we saw an increase in cyberattacks. According to a Cisco Talos report, pandemic-themed phishing attacks appeared in just a few months that speak volumes of cisco security solutions requirements. 

Since the pandemic, the cybercriminals preyed on our prejudices as daily attacks continued to hit larger targets. The same is also observed in the overview from a recent Cisco survey on cisco cloud web security. 

Leveraging Cisco technology for secure, remote work 

Cisco acted rapidly at the pandemic’s onset to assist our customers in safely provisioning for remote staff. Cisco secure desktop extended free licenses, and usage counts a range of other necessary technologies for protecting remote access, and endpoints were among the offerings. 

We all know the pandemic isn’t going to last forever, but a work environment is a viable option for many companies, as previously mentioned. What are some of the most effective methods for safeguarding the company’s workforce? Cisco security solutions created the secure virtual worker solution that includes many of the security components needed for this modern work environment. 

One thing we’ve learned is that working remotely while sitting alone in your room can be a lonely experience. As a result, toolkits are critical for keeping the company on track and keeping us connected. On the other hand, collaboration can often add to cisco security solutions to counter back. This is why we’ve improved our cisco security solutions’ reach to aid remote staff that blends protection with collaboration tools that make remote work safer. 

Cisco security solutions in NY - CSE

Eventually, the Cisco SecureX app combines all of our protection technology (along with third-party technologies) to protect consumers and computers no matter where they are. Any Cisco product has SecureX built-in. It is a cloud-native architecture that links our comprehensive technology portfolio to our customers’ security networks, allowing for greater flexibility, visibility, and performance. 

SecureX gives consumers a single view of their worlds, eliminating the need for them to switch between various dashboards to investigate and remediate risks. It also allows customers to simplify standard workflows through Cisco and third-party security products to manage tasks, including threat hunting and system vulnerability identification. 

“With our defense budget, we just can’t afford a misfire,” New Castle’s Zaccaria added. “We understand Cisco security platform integrations and how Cisco’s platform strategy protects our investment,” says the team. 

Some valuable lessons have been learned from the pandemic’s tragedies. From a technological standpoint, it’s comforting to know that, as we all scrambled to build a completely remote workforce, the capabilities to do so safely have kept pace with a need to protect the wellbeing of our most precious assets, our coworkers. 

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